About Hunter + Vine

Welcome to the Hunter + Vine shop, a small business that began unintentionally while doing a weekend project in my garage a few years back. Today, Hunter + Vine has grown to offer a variety of handmade wood-based products, such as: monogram wine racks, small and large tables, cutting boards, serving boards, cheese boards, charcuterie boards, headboards/footboards, ladders, signs, frames, coasters, wall-hanging wine racks, candle holders, and a growing number of home decor pieces. I make these items from beautiful hardwoods, some exotic species of wood, as well as reclaimed materials that give each piece a rustic look and feel.

Allow me to bridge the gap between that weekend project in the garage and the growing list of wood products above. Especially since all the character of Hunter + Vine comes from that part of the journey.

At that time, I made things by hand, but it was only for fun. It was also a nice break from my digital design job. I didn't have many tools or materials so I learned to be creative with what I had. And what I had that day were some scrap pieces of wood in my garage and I wanted a creative way to use them. So, I started thinking.

My wife had been making crafty monogram decor around the house with the letter H, for Hunter. I liked the idea of using the letter H. We were/are also wine lovers. Pinot Noir, Cabernet, red blends, just to name a few. This meant wine storage was important. Unfortunately, the one metal wine rack we had at that time was lame. It wobbled, wasn't made well, and overall not our style. Why'd we buy that thing anyway?

I decided to combine monogram decor and wine racks and make a wine rack shaped like the letter H. So, I grabbed my meager tool collection and got to work. A few hours later, I had my first ever monogram wine rack shaped like an H. I even put a dark brown wood stain on it. I set it on the counter, added a few wine bottles and it looked great. Mission accomplished!... but not finished.

Fortunately, it didn't end there. Family and friends soon saw the wine rack, thought it was great, and started asking if I could make other letters. Then, a real estate agent friend saw it and asked about other letters as well. She said they would make perfect housewarming gifts and wanted to place an order.

This changed my whole perspective on the value of that weekend project. I quickly dove into my digital design experience and began the painstaking process of designing 26 wine racks each shaped like one of the 26 letters of the alphabet. I'd never seen anything like it. I was literally creating my own font in the process. Some letters were pretty challenging, but I eventually created a working design for each one.

Once I realized the full product line was viable I began figuring out the best process for making them and then acquiring all the necessary tools. Then, I set up shop in an unusual place, a guest bedroom. Why? Summer heat, in Texas, in a garage is abusive and unbearable. Thankfully, my wife is amazing and let me sacrifice a spare bedroom. It's a small space for a shop, but I gladly make it work!

Once I began making wine racks in other letters I started to receive a few orders. Then, in 2017, I was fortunate to get into a large vendor-based store called Lone Star Mercantile that opened in my area. It was perfect timing and I jumped at the chance. I had to ramp up production, but I was also getting more orders/sales.

In 2018, I was invited to be part of another store called Doozie's Corner in popular Downtown McKinney, TX. More sales growth. I even got into a couple of trade shows, most notably, Vintage Market Days. Wonderful event for everyone! These opportunities have been a good learning experiences for someone running a new small business.

Most importantly, my line of monogram wine racks have become very desirable. I've refined each design many times over, always improving quality. They are available letters A-Z in a variety of wood stain colors or no stain, for those DIY folks.

I also take custom orders. For example, the letter D wine rack I made where two of the holes were square, not round. This was to accommodate a couple Jack Daniel's bottles. It turned out great!

I want this website to be another step in the growth of Hunter + Vine by getting my handmade products in front of more people around the country.

Hunter + Vine – Wine Racks

About The Owner

Hi, I'm Brian, the owner of Hunter + Vine. I love creating. Been doing it my whole life. For the past 20 years, I've been in the creative community in a variety of ways, such as: fine art, music, writing, digital graphic design and web development (writing code). This resulted in a career doing corporate design work. Not a bad gig, but it lacked the hands-on aspect I crave.

A few years ago, I got into woodworking as a hobby. It let me be creative, but also get my hands dirty and physically bring my ideas to life. I also love wine. Not just drinking it, but learning about the different varietals (types) and where each one comes from, etc. So, the combination of wine and woodworking happily came together in my monogram wine racks.

Brian Hunter of Hunter + Vine